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nice to meet you!

I'm Chelsea, Founder & Lead Designer


about the collective

Coastline Collective is a full-service design firm located in Rockaway Beach, NY. Inspired by the coast, our signature design aesthetic is breezy, relaxed & inviting, yet fresh & timeless. From traditional to contemporary, and everything in-between, the spaces we design are reflective of the coveted laidback lifestyle for which our beach community is known.

From single room refreshes to large scale renovations and new builds, our team manages projects from conceptualization to completion, with a focus on collaboration so that the spaces are a reflection of those living in them. We believe that good design is founded in a solid relationship with each client and a deep understanding of who they are and how they live. We are available to assist with all aspects of the process from start to finish - including working with architects and contractors, creating cohesive plans for all interior and/or exterior finishes, and pulling all the details together at the end. We make the process streamlined and straightforward, taking decision fatigue off your plate and working together to transform your house into the home you've always imagined.


about us

I'm Chelsea and my other half is Joe. We are college sweethearts (but met in high school) & actual best friends. We've been together for 14 years, married for 5 of those. We are all-around weirdos (but the good kind, that exists right?!). Our fur child is a13 - year old ridiculously spoiled beagle (Flash!), who is both a lymphoma survivor & obsessed with scavenging for all types of garbage in typical hound fashion. We laugh A LOT! Both with (and at) each other and most importantly, at ourselves. We are unapologetic Harry Potter nerds, I'm a Slytherin & Joe is a Ravenclaw. I'm a huge musical theatre lover (Les Mis is life!). Joe tolerates it, but my mom is usually my show buddy.


I'm the all over the place creative one & DIY'er (Enneagram Type 4), while Joe is the level-headed, rational and finance oriented one (Enneagram Type 1). Opposites clearly attract. I'm a words of affirmation girl, which comes with its own slew of issues. Joe on the other hand is all about acts of service, which essentially means that he feels very loved whenever I do the dishes. Spending time with our loved ones, traveling, long beach days, lounging by the pool & enjoying a good margarita are some of our favorite things!

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