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Blog Renovation!

We're always up for a good gut reno! The blog is officially under construction while we move over to this new website platform, which means transferring and reformatting all of our posts. Stay tuned! :)

I have been documenting every step of our home buying/gut renovating/DIY process since the day we went into contract on this house back in March 2018 (HOW has it been THREE years already?!?) I kept both the blog and Instagram account private though and never shared because 1) I was doing this for our own records and as a creative outlet for myself & 2) honestly, there was a crap load of self-doubt and fear.

Joe would keep saying "are you going to share it? I'm sure other people would be interested and would cheer you on the same way you do for them". But I continued to hold back. In a strange twist of fate, that IG account was accidentally deleted and I cried. Why was I crying? All of the photos were still saved on my phone and computer, along with all of the notes about each part of the process. I never shared the account, so there were no likes, followers or comments. For whatever reason, I still felt like I lost something and that I *could* contribute in some way. Then Covid-19 happened and sheltering-in-place ended up being the perfect opportunity to pick myself up, stop feeling sad and annoyed and start over with an old personal account that had a few home posts back in 2018. I posted all of the photos again & dated them accordingly (still with some months long gaps in-between since the self-doubt kept popping up), along with captions as if they were in the moment (probably very similar to what was on that first account because you'll learn i'm pretty predictable lol). So basically all of the old posts are there again, but just all mass-uploaded over a shorter period vs. real time...aka please try to ignore the upload date!

Today I am officially "going live" with this account in terms of making it public, beginning to share it, hashtag it and post stories. Our renovation is still ongoing & there are a ton of projects and rooms left that we are taking on ourselves. You will see everything that happened up until this point and you will see every step of the way moving forward (or failing forward with many steps back? not sure what to call it!). You'll also see a lot of my little brother Chase, who is our construction buddy. He worked for our contractor previously and helps with all of our DIY projects on the weekends. To shake things up even more, I decided to publish the blog as well, but that involved moving it to a different platform & re-doing the posts for both formatting and user-friendly purposes. Today, this will be the only post, but over the next few weeks more & more of the old posts will be popping up, in addition to some new ones about current projects! Extremely nervous to finally put this all out into the world, but also oddly excited and looking forward to taking you along for this crazy ride.


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