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One Room Challenge Week 4: Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Renovation Edition

Where the timelines are made up and the contracts don't matter!

It's week 4 of the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge and our update is...that we have no update. Our pool wall/panels that were ordered back in September have still not arrived at the depot to be delivered to our house for install, so the big dig never happened this past week and everything is on hold because of it. We are hopeful that the dig can start this week, but our pool builder already has us blocked off for the week of 6/7 as a back-up date in case the panels take longer than expected. I guess better to plan for the worst & hope for the best. It actually doesn't change our timeline for the yard itself to be done for the most part because the mason is already locked in for the week of 6/21. All it means is that it will be a mad dash of finishing everything in a shorter period vs having the wiggle room of the dig being earlier. The yard for sure still won't be "complete" until between July 9th-16th (and that may still involve no outdoor kitchen island lol) because the synthetic grass, landscaping and the built-in planter around the pool scuppers will be going in at the end of June/early July & the pool liner is going to take 15-22 days from order date to come in & it can't be ordered until the pool is in. So if the pool goes in the week of 6/7 as a worst case scenario, that means the liner won't be measured and ordered until approx. 6/11 and it won't come in until *right* before July 4th. That is with all things going perfectly & let's be serious, that's probably not going to be the case. Like I always say, renovations in real-life are not like television shows so you have to be prepared for problems, delays, material prices going up and disappointments because real-life is messy.

I know that so many of my fellow One Room Challenge participants are also dealing with delays and re-scheduling, so at least we're in it together! Sending everyone virtual hugs and positive vibes as we power through the second half of this!

Come back next week to check-in on the progress! Check out our week 1, week 2 & week 3 posts to see everything that has happened to date. For more updates throughout the week be sure to follow along on Instagram and don’t forget to check out the progress of each of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants!


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